Friday, June 30, 2006


Hari yang agak boring... drive pegi keje jalan jem... balik keje jalan jem... jalan dalam pembaikan... bila nak siap nih... habis kotor kete aku...
Sampai kat opis tengok macam orang takder pung... masing2 menghilangkan diri awal2... maklumler hari Jumaat...
Malam nih kena pegi opis, ada jamuan sempena GERMANY vs ARGENTINA... hangpa sokong sapa? aku kalau antara dua2 nih aku sokong ARGENTINA... tapi kalau BRASIL main aku sokong BRASIL... my dream team....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Akhirnya... hari nih last aku jadi student... esok pagi dapat result n sijil (hehehehehe).... banyak benda baru yang dipelajari n harus digunakan nanti... JUMAAT kerja balik... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... malasnyer... hehehehehe

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

SU-30M (Part 1)

Su-30M (MK-export version) is a standard Su-30 with the air-to-ground missiles which can carry twice the armament (8 tons) compared to the baseline Su-27. The Su-30 'export variant' of the formidable Su-27 'Flanker', can carry the latest Russian air-to-air missiles, including the medium-range R-27 family, the short-range R-73 and the new medium-range R-77 'AMRAAM-ski'. The Sukhoi-30K has a range in excess of 3,000km, which means it can easily patrol offshore installations without requiring aerial refuelling.

Derived from the famous Sukhoi aircraft family - Su-27UBK, Su-30K, Su-35, Su-37 - the Su-30MK epitomises a "universal air warrior", capable of accomplishing a wide variety of combat missions at significant distances from the home base, in any
weather conditions and severe jamming environment, both by day and night.

This multirole aircraft is adequately fitted for the entire spectrum of tactical and operational combat employment scenarios, varying from counterair tasks (i.e. gaining air superiority, air defence, air patrol and escort) to counterland and countersea ones (suppression of hostile air defence, air interdiction and close air support). Additionally, the Su-30MK can perform ECCM and early warning tasks, as well as exercise command-and-control over a group of aerial combat assets performing joint mission. Due to duplicated flight control system, it
can be also employed for realistic flight and combat training.

The Su-30MK aerodynamic configuration is an unstable-in-longitude triplane. To increase lifting effectiveness and enhance manoeuvrability of the aircraft, the canards are installed. They are deflected automatically to ensure flight at high

The integrated aerodynamic configuration, combined with the thrust vectoring control capability, results in unprecedented manoeuvrability and unique take-off and landing characteristics. Equipped with a digital "fly-by-wire" system, Su-30MK is capable of performing a number of feat manoeuvres to counter missile threats and to dominate in dogfight. They include well-known "cobra" and "bell", as well as new ones, which cannot be performed by any other aircraft. The while performing a "somersault" manoeuvre, the aircraft makes 360-deg turn in pitch plane without any loss of altitude. In "controlled flat spin" manoeuvre, the aircraft performs several full
turns in horizontal plane, with zero forward speed, virtually on the spot.

The power plant incorporates two AL-31FP by-pass turbojet reheated engines. The total 25,000-kgf afterburning thrust ensures 2M horizontal flight speed, 1,350-km/h
speed at low altitude, and a 230-m/s climbing rate.

Differential ±15-deg deflection of engines' axisymmetric nozzles (with turn axes positioned at 32-deg angle to each other) enables pitch/yaw thrust vectoring control. Depending on the manoeuvre to be performed, nozzles deflections can be
synchronised with or differ from the deflections of horizontal tail planes.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Student Kembali...

Start harini sampai khamis nih secara rasminya aku menjadi student kembali (hehehehe)... selkali sekala seronok pulak rasa jadi student..bukan per.. dapat lupakan keje opis jap... dapat timba ilmu bebanyak sebelum pegi outstation nanti... bila jadi student nih terasa banyak benda yang aku dah terlepas... ish3...

Friday, June 23, 2006


BACK PLAYING GOLF... nih yang aku jauhkan dari tahun 2002 (last aku main)... harini pecah tradisi balik, aku terpaksa accompany bos2 aku ngan higher bos untuk pegi main... muler2 rasa malas... lastly rasa gian plak... ish3... MINTAK2 ler aku tak terus gian main GOLF... nasib baik hujan turun di pertengahan GAME, so separuh group berenti main (termasuk aku) n yang tak takut hujan main... aku ngan geng2 aku terus pegi CAFE n pekena HI-TEA... :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


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Alamakkk... hujan la pulak harini... elok2 cuaca dari pagi tetiba petang hujan turun... lebatnyer... cuaca2 macam nihler mengurangkan semangat aku nak tukar kete aku nih ngan motorsikal idamanku... hmmmm... apa boleh buat... jika hati dah tertawan, hujan pun aku tak kisah... APRILIA... i'm coming baby.... hehehehehe

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I’m not angry with life... I’m just bewildered.. Chains of uncertainty.. Are holding me down Where am I to go... Who am I to blame... What am I to do God, am I insane? I never thought that my smile... Will put me deep into dept... I never thought that my innocence... Would stray me away from reality... I never thought that my life... Would resolved to emptiness... I never thought that in order to live... I have to bear so much pain... The sorrow of life has taught me... To accept many new beginnings... To smile even though it hurts... To reach out even if there’s no one there... To aim high and never say die... Cause there’s always sun at the end of the night Memories Tortured by my own memories... Memories... Trapped in my own memories... If your eyes are full to the brim... The teardrops are sure to fall down... For whom the eyes may starve tomorrow... Who knows, where it get lost... The tears that I had kept hidden in my…

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Adusssssssssss.... fed-up pun ada, tension pun ada, letih pun ada... harini betul2 mencabar iman aku... masuk2 keje jerk dah bos melenting.. bukan salah aku pun kena... keje orang pun aku kena ambik tahu... bukan orang tuh bayar gaji kat aku pun... bila difikirkan dalam2 rasa tak sabar nak balik TANAH AIR... dah tension keje kat sini... banyak tak ok dari ok...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Core Avionics Computer (CAC) SU-30MKM

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DARE took up the development and delivery in quantities of Mission
Computers, Display Processors and Radar Computers for the Su 30
avionics upgrade. The requirements were analysed and instead of
building three different computers DARE developed nine functional
modules. The chassis was also common across the computers. These
modules use state of the art processors. They are designed as
independent modules to do a specific function such as generating
computer generated imagery for display on HUD or MFD. But they are able
to communicate with the main processor module through high speed Dual
Ported RAMs. This makes development of software for these specific
functions as independent activities. Also, HW changes in one module
does not affect the other modules. Hence this approach reaps the
benefits of Open System Architectures to the full. Later when proposals
for upgrade of the MiG 27 aircraft came up, DARE could respond with a
ready solution by configuring the Display Processor of the Su30

Su 30 Computer consists of the following modules : Main Processor
Module ,1553B interface Module, Colour Symbol Gen. Module, Stroke
Symbol Gen. Module, Discrete Interface Module, Power Supply Module,
Chassis Aircraft Specific Modules (for CAC only), Video Switching
Module and Analog / Synchro Interface Module.

The Core Avionics Computer (CAC) developed by DARE is housed in a
aircraft industry standard 3/4 th ATR chassis with an option rear mount
ARINC 404 connector or front mounted 38999 series connectors. The tray
is mounted in the equipment bay/rack of the aircraft and the computer
is plugged in to the tray. It is forced air cooled and weighs less than
8 Kg. It works on both 115V 400Hz AC and 28V DC aircraft power supplies
and consumes less than 80 W of power.

CAC Functions The following are the functions of various modules of the CAC

a) Through the CPU module:

Control of the 1553B interface

  • Primary mission, navigation and weapon computations
  • Air Data Computations
  • Control of the UFCP for avionics system moding and data insertion and data readout.
  • Management of the display system (MFDs and HUD)
  • Management of the Stores (weapons) system
  • Reading and writing of mission data from the Data Loader Flash Disk.
  • Coordination of LDP and FLIR for navigation and targetting functions
  • Auto-pilot function

b) Through the Colour Symbol Generator and Monochrome Symbol Generator Modules:

i) Raster mode writing on the MFDs in colour (mixing with external sensor video)
ii) Stroke Mode writing on the HUD in monochrome.

c) Through the Intelligent Dual channel 1553B interface board:
Provide for the exchange of data among avionics subsystems in the
primary and reversionary modes; Control of the ARINC 429 channels;
Interface air data system, hand controller etc through the analog

  • Through Discrete Interface Module Interface aircraft discretes
    including the HOTAS switches to the CPU board and Interface the CAC’s
    discrete outputs to the stores management system.

e) Through Synchro and Analog output Module interface the automatic flight control system and Crash Data recorder system.

f) Through the Video switching module provide for switching the
video signals in the avionics system to the MFD, HUD and the Video Tape

Tak Sabar Menunggu....

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Pejam celik, pejam celik dah hampir sebulan aku menunggu... booking dah buat, tapi motor tak muncul2... Pagi2 lepas masuk opis terus aku call kedai, nasib baik awek yang jawab.. katanya : "we sorry sir, your bike not arrive yet.. when it's arrive, i call u personally"... LAMA lagiker aku kena tunggu... waaaaaaaaaa... tak sabarnyer... maybe sebab motor nih kena import so tuh yang lambat, or aku kena birokrasi dek budak2 lain yang nak sambar motor nih jugak... SELAMAT TINGGAL KERETAKU, NAK LAYAN MOTOR BALIK...

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Awal pagi2 lagi aku bangun harini... selalunya hari weekend n tak keje nih aku bangun lewat... tetapi dek kerna ada game batminton kat opis, kena ler bangun awal, hehehehe... hari nih hanya pertandingan suku akhir dan akhir... aku ngan partner aku bleh lepas sampai suku akhir jerk (waaaaaaa).... KALAH lagi.... apapun nihler adab permainan... ada kalah n ada menang... yang penting seronok dapat beramai2 lepak n main game sama2 cam satu keluarga... masa kerja kita kerja... masa main kita main... MAJULAH SUKAN UNTUK NEGARA TERCINTA...

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

SEHARI BERSAMA KAWAN2.... (adussss... letihnya)

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Dari 0700H hingga 1640H aku melayan kerenah kawan2ku yang datang BERKUNJUNG ke pejabatku (tugasan sementara mereka)... jenuh aku.. bawa diorang shopping di BORDER, beli itu, beli ini... masing2 nak belikan cenderahati untuk dibawa pulang... mentang2lah barangan kat sini MURAH dan tak terdapat di tempat mereka... letih2... malam nih dah ler kena keje... ish2... apapun aku gembira dengan kedatangan mereka disini coz bleh gak jalan2, terubat rinduku terhadap kampung halaman... (sempat jugak aku mengepaw duit diorang, belanja makan... hehehehe)...

Friday, June 16, 2006


The Sukhoi Su-30MKM is a multi-role two-seater fighter, broadly comparable to the American Lockheed Martin F-15E. The Su-30MKM is the export version of the aircraft for Malaysia. The fighter is a development of the Su-27 (Flanker) family, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of Moscow and is manufactured by the Irkut Corporation. The aircraft is equipped with similar avionics and thrust vectoring as the Su-37, for superior combat agility and manoeuvrability. The aircraft is armed with precision anti-surface missiles and has a stand-off launch range of 120km............

Nak ambik tahu ke xnak?

Cakap memang senang, tunjuk2 orang lain pun senang tetapi bila dah sampai tanggungjawab sendiri nak membuat sesuatu kerja, mulalah mencari alasan sehingga ORANG BESAR dah melenting, baru tahu salah diri sendiri...

Dah berkali2 aku ingatkan, tapi ORANG YANG SEPATUTNYA tak nak ambik tahu... Mamat satu tunjuk Mamat dua, Mamat dua tuding jari ke Mamat tiga dan seterusnya... Lastly keje yang sepatutnya beres, tak jadi2... hmmmm

Semoga dengan KELAS dan LATIHAN yang aku berikan pagi tadi (dah berkali2 dah aku bagi nih) dapatlah diorang MENGAMBIL TAHU sikit sebanyak apa yang diorang kena buat... JANJI KEJE AKU DAH BERES... hehehehe

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Akhirnya aku nak cuba berjinak2 dengan blogger nih, tengok kawan2 buat blogger rasa best pulak... hehehehehe...