Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ultimate Woodball League

Out come from Players Meeting 3/11/10:

As per discussion with Team Captains, Marshals and UWLM Committee, the mutual agreement to certain section of the rules are as follows:

Details on Rules:

1. Flag:2 flags on one rope with a pole. The pole will have a top marking (12 inches from the top). This is to mark the "top of the pole", the flag need to be in this 12 inches to signify the flag's "top position".

Scoring : The UWL event coordinator will display more detail results of the scores.

9, 12. Instant reinsert cards (instant reinsert of 2 players) and Special weapon card (instant reinsert of 2 players):Can only be used once, whether the Captain is reinserting 1 or 2 players. Example: If the captain wishes to use the card for a reinsert of only 1 player, then the second player reinsert is considered wasted.

A team may get two of these cards from the coin toss option and finding the Special Weapon Card from the middle of the field.

27. Illegal Firing Modes:Penalty disqualification from the event/leg.

27. Illegal Players:Penalty disqualification from the event/leg.

Disqualification amounts to:Forfeit of all previous game points, the opposing team will receive 90 points, or the average of all their games in that round (the higher of the two will be taken). The forfeiting team will receive zero points for that game.

11. Withdrawal / Re-break

When a re-break is called, time will pause for 3 mins in order to get everyone back to base / starting point. All players will re-insert according to re-spawn horn.


First 10 mins: All players back to base

Second 10 mins: All players back to base

Third 10 mins: Marshals will call game over.

15. Equipment:Do not wear the Malaysia Army Uniform

26. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Emphasis on:Taunting or provoking (in any manner whatsoever) opponent team, own team-mates.


Player numbering and positions: Every player will be given a number tag, place this tag at the back of your face mask. These tags are used to identify your personal playing results, if you swap your tags with another player, your results will differ.