Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Code Black - Operation Rainbow 7

X sabar aku nak join paintball scenario nih... date : 30 Nov @ Tanamera Sg Buloh...

Scenario :

A Malaysian diplomat was kidnapped by a group of drug cartel.The motive is to blackmail the government to release their leader.Time given was 48 hours to abide their demand.Failure to do so, will cost the diplomat to lose his head.To avoid this to happen,four special force teams will be deployed.

Cartel hideouts:
Malaysian - Thai border.

Search,Rescue,Evacuate,Eliminate (SREE).
The Operation will commence at 1000 hours under the thick cover of fog.Insertion will be from ground and air.

Near Malaysian - Thai border (inside Malaysian border)

Rescue Force:
Team Delta - Rainbow 5 (Pathfinder)
Team Alpha - Rainbow 6 (Rescue)
Team Charlie - Rainbow 7 (Strike)
Team Beta - Rainbow 8 (Eliminate)

Equipped(from Intelligence Unit) with AK-47,M-16,Cherry Tech Sniper Rifle,4x4 and Trucks.
Numbers of force at least of 250 personals.

psst : thanx to Hasrul@Donut for creating this scenario operation... PBM rulezzzz

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Away to Ktn - EW course

Outstation lagi, rasanyer baru jerk aku outstation ke penang selama 3 bulan utk kursus, now outstation ke KTN pulak selama 1 bulan untuk kursus EW... x sempat aku nak main paintball, xper lepas kursus nih ada game awal bulan 12.. what EW all about? what MAF plan in EW era? that what i'm here for... setakat nih penin gakler course nih tapi best sebagai eye opener n learn new thing... bravo2... :D