Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ultimate Woodball League

Out come from Players Meeting 3/11/10:

As per discussion with Team Captains, Marshals and UWLM Committee, the mutual agreement to certain section of the rules are as follows:

Details on Rules:

1. Flag:2 flags on one rope with a pole. The pole will have a top marking (12 inches from the top). This is to mark the "top of the pole", the flag need to be in this 12 inches to signify the flag's "top position".

Scoring : The UWL event coordinator will display more detail results of the scores.

9, 12. Instant reinsert cards (instant reinsert of 2 players) and Special weapon card (instant reinsert of 2 players):Can only be used once, whether the Captain is reinserting 1 or 2 players. Example: If the captain wishes to use the card for a reinsert of only 1 player, then the second player reinsert is considered wasted.

A team may get two of these cards from the coin toss option and finding the Special Weapon Card from the middle of the field.

27. Illegal Firing Modes:Penalty disqualification from the event/leg.

27. Illegal Players:Penalty disqualification from the event/leg.

Disqualification amounts to:Forfeit of all previous game points, the opposing team will receive 90 points, or the average of all their games in that round (the higher of the two will be taken). The forfeiting team will receive zero points for that game.

11. Withdrawal / Re-break

When a re-break is called, time will pause for 3 mins in order to get everyone back to base / starting point. All players will re-insert according to re-spawn horn.


First 10 mins: All players back to base

Second 10 mins: All players back to base

Third 10 mins: Marshals will call game over.

15. Equipment:Do not wear the Malaysia Army Uniform

26. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Emphasis on:Taunting or provoking (in any manner whatsoever) opponent team, own team-mates.


Player numbering and positions: Every player will be given a number tag, place this tag at the back of your face mask. These tags are used to identify your personal playing results, if you swap your tags with another player, your results will differ.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


1. Lately there has been a spate of articles in the media reporting the ‘status’ of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) submarines. Two reports in particular highlighted purported major defects in the nation’s first submarine, the KD TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN (KD TAR) that supposedly rendered it unable to dive. The RMN however regrets that these reports have been highly inaccurate and misleading resulting in the public being grossly misinformed of the actual status of the KD TAR. Based on the articles published in the media as mentioned above, the RMN wishes to state the following:

a. Prior to arriving safely in Kota Kinabalu on 17 September 2009, the KD TAR had sailed approximately 8300 nautical miles with 31 days submerged out of the 43 days spent at sea. As such, the question of “Initial Operational Capability” or being “declared fully operational” does not arise as the submarine would not have completed the journey safely if it was not fully operational.

b. At no point in time from the date of Physical Handover has the safety of both submarines and their crews been compromised by any defects on board. A submarine is constantly subjected to, and operates in an extremely hostile and harsh environment which necessitates constant monitoring, maintenance and rectification of the systems and equipment on board. Inadvertently, as in any submarine in the world, some equipment or systems can and will fail or be degraded in performance. The KD TAR did encounter some defects and shortcomings but at no time did any of these defects endanger the crew or submarine to the extent of rendering it unable to dive, as claimed by the media. The RMN has developed a very rigorous and thorough safety inspection, appraisal and verification process, similar or even more stringent to that of aircraft safety process, to certify a submarine ‘safe- to-dive’ before it is allowed to embark on any mission.

c. Similar to an aircraft, any submarine will have to undergo compulsory scheduled maintenance after a specified period of operations. These scheduled maintenance periods have been planned in advance to fit into the operational cycle of the submarines. The KD TAR has undergone, as scheduled, several of those maintenance periods since returning to Malaysia. Thus the statement “In February, The Paper That Cares reported that KD Tunku Abdul Rahman suffered a technical defect that prevented it from diving for three months.” is untrue as the KD TAR had in fact been undergoing its scheduled maintenance period during that period.

d. The statement: “Since then, the submarine has remained at the naval base unfixed.”, is also irresponsible and conjures up an image of the submarine lying idle at the the naval base, unattended to and crippled. The fact is that the submarines, like all RMN surface ships, are manned 24 hours a day, every day and all defects, however small or insignificant are acted on immediately. However, in this case the statement is untrue as the KD TAR has in fact been operational, a fact that the Chief of Defence Forces can attest to when he dived with the submarine during her operations in the South China Sea on 5 – 8 March 2010. Lately, the submarine had also successfully carried out a test firing of a mock-up missile during operations in the South China Sea.

e. The statement by the same paper that “the arrival of the second Perdana Menteri-class submarine KD TUN RAZAK, on July 2, was a godsend for the crew of its sister ship, KD TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN. The crew is expected to take over the second submarine during its mandatory tropical water trial.” is false as the crew of any vessel, be it a surface ship and more so a submarine, cannot and do not simply ‘take over’ another vessel. The question of the the KD TAR crew losing their submariners rating if they remained on land as claimed by the article does not arise because, as has been explained above, the submarine has remained operational. However, in the unlikely event that the submarine is indeed rendered unoperational for an extended period, the crew will still be able to maintain currency via simulator training which is available at the Submarine Training Centre at the Submarine Base.

4. No submarine operating country in the world discusses the operational status of its submarines which are deemed highly sensitive strategic weapons in the media. It is disheartening to note that the author had not acted responsibly to make any effort to verify the facts before publishing them. Repeatedly publishing erroneous and misleading reports would not only tarnish the image of the RMN’s Submarine Force but also exposes the country’s defence establishment to ridicule. As such, the RMN has reluctantly been forced to rebut publicly the irresponsible misinformation and statements made in the above mentioned articles.

5. The RMN also views very seriously the fact that “defence industry sources” have divulged, albeit erroneously, information that are highly classified to the press. The RMN will initiate a thorough investigation to identify these sources, as these irresponsible elements could also be divulging information to other unauthorised parties.

6. The RMN has and will always be committed to carrying out its responsibilities professionally, efficiently and effectively to ensure that the safety of its submarines and their crew are not compromised in any way at all times. The RMN has always appreciated and respected the role of the media and will always continue to extend its fullest cooperation to the media whom it regards as an important and integral stakeholder in the development of the nation. However the RMN hopes that members of the media will act in a more responsible and professional manner to verify their facts and figures before publishing them, especially when it involves the nation’s security.


Chief of Navy

Thursday, June 24, 2010


DO YOU KNOW? Coke + Ajinomoto = Can be Used To Rape Ladies

I received a news about the recent tactic used to spike girls' drink.

It is a cheap and widely used method.

This method was used in Canny Ong murder.

Rapist uses this method.

Coca-cola + ajinomoto/monosodium glutamate = a medicine which will cause drowsiness and excitement in the victim.

This mixture is poisonous if used too often on the victim.

Please send this to all your female friends, sisters, & your loved ones and ask them to beware.

accept coca-cola or any other drinks from stranger / even
if it is your friend that you are not very close with.


Hishamuddin Alias ( ASP )
Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Berat
IPK Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pembelian EC725

Helikopter pengganti Nuri diterima 2012-Eurocopter EC725
KUALA LUMPUR 20 April - Malaysia dijangka menerima pesawat pertama Eurocopter EC725 pada 2012 yang akan menggantikan helikopter Nuri milik Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) sekiranya kontrak pembeliannya ditandatangani tahun ini.
Naib Presiden (Pelanggan) Eurocopter Perancis, Philippe Harache berkata, sekiranya semuanya berjalan lancar, Malaysia akan menerima unit terakhir pesawat itu iaitu yang ke-12 pada 2013.
Katanya, komitmen Malaysia mendapatkan EC725 membuka lembaran baru dari segi perhubungan di antara kerajaan itu dan Eurocopter.
''Kami sangat gembira dan berbangga dengan komitmen Malaysia dan sudah pasti akan muncul kerjasama baru pada masa akan datang," katanya pada sidang akhbar sempena Pameran dan Persidangan Perkhidmatan Pertahanan Asia (DSA) 2010 di sini hari ini.
Beliau mengulas tentang penyerahan surat penerimaan (LOA) kerajaan terhadap 12 unit helikopter mencari dan menyelamat EC725 kepada Eurocopter pada satu majlis yang disaksikan Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pagi ini.
Harache menambah, seramai lapan juruterbang TUDM akan menjalani latihan pengendalian pesawat itu di Perancis pada masa hadapan sebaik sahaja kontrak di antara kedua-dua pihak dimeterai.
Dalam perkembangan sama, katanya, Malaysia juga akan menerima faedah daripada perjanjian itu menerusi pemilihan Subang sebagai pusat pembuatan, penyenggaraan, pembaikan dan membaik pulih (MRO) Eurocopter sedikit masa lagi.
"Pusat MRO itu juga akan dilengkapi dengan mesin simulasi helikopter Eurocopter bagi latihan para pengguna pesawat keluaran syarikat kami di sekitar Asia," jelasnya.

Memorandum of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a legal document describing a bilateral agreement between parties. It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an
intended common line of action, rather than a legal commitment. It is a more formal alternative to a gentlemen’s agreement, but generally lacks the bind power of a contract.

Letter of Agreement

A letter of agreement (LOA) or cooperative agreement is a document written between parties to cooperatively work together on an agreed upon project or meet an agreed upon objective.
The purpose of an LOA is to have a written understanding of the agreement between parties. The LOA can also be a legal document that is binding and hold the parties responsible to their commitment or just a partnership agreement. (sama mcm contract)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Album terbaru Linkin Park..

Minat Linkin Park? kalau minat mesti tertunggu-tunggu album terbaru dorang.. based on their website, album terbaru dorang akan dilancarkan Worldwide dlm 2nd quater of this year so tunggu skit lagi yerk... paling awal pun bulan 6, hu3... 1 lagu single terbaru bertajuk Blakbird dari album dorang dh dikeluarkan di itune ngan youtube... rentak a bit more ketimuran, Chester n Mike pernah kuarkan kenyataan yang album kalini dibuat di negara2 Timur dan Asia so mmg byk element2 ketimuran dimasukkan... so korang layanler single terbaru nih yerk :

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Belacak USV

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Razor Red Noise EP2 - Free Download

EP2 is now available for free download at the following sites:

4Shared | zShare | MegaUpload | SoundCloud


01. Crawling Back
02. Monday
03. Stand Your Ground
04. And We Fall Away Again

Send it to your friends, torrent it, whatever you want. Hope you enjoy it.


p/s : more info u guys can check it @ http://razorrednoise.com

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Nissan GT-R Spec V... pergggg

2010 Nissan GT-R Spec V Specifications



2,780 mm


Brakes (Front)

Carbon-ceramic ventilated discs (390 mm)

Brakes (Rear)

Carbon-ceramic ventilated discs (380 mm)


Rays lightweight forged alloy wheels

Tires Front


Tires Rear


Front Suspension

Independent double wishbone

Rear Suspension

Independent multi-link



Front Engine, AWD


GR6 dual-clutch transmission

Final Drive Ratio




VR38DETT V6 DOHC Twin-turbo

Compression Ratio


Bore X Stroke

95.5mm x 88.4mm

Engine & Transmission

Displacement cu in (cc):


Power bhp (kW) at RPM:

480 bhp @ 6400 rpm

Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:

428 lb-ft. @ 3200 rpm


Tires F-R

Bridgestone Potenza RE070R Runflat Tires

Body Type

2 Door, 2 Seat GT Coupe


4,650 mm


1,895 mm


1,370 mm

Curb Weight

3704 lbs.

Ground Clearance

110 mm

p/s : lazat2... model nih dikeluarkan untuk menandingi model sebelumnyer.. type z... bila masuk m'sia mmg confirm rege melambung gilos...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Siapa “Witheld”?

Fuh. Nasib baik aku tak angkat telefon tadi. Tetiba je orang yang bernama “Witheld” call aku tadi. Aku pelik sebab dalam list phonebook aku, tiada nama “Witheld”.

Baru sekejap tadi ni aku search kat google, sebab nak tahu, siapakah gerangan “Witheld” yang call nombor celcom aku. Rupanya “Witheld” ni adalah pihak yang bakal menipu orang yang mengangkat panggilannya. Aku dapat tahu ni daripada “Jangan Tertipu Ganjaran Celcom RM10k“. Alhamdulillah.

So, sesiapa di luar sana yang ada terima panggilan dari “Witheld”, janganlah angkat. Sebab anda akan ditipu oleh “Witheld” tersebut dengan mengatakan yang Celcom ada memberi ganjaran kepada anda RM10k dan dia akan meminta user id serta password. Lol! Kalau menang, dan dia nak transfer duit, minta je lah nombor account. Tak ke tak logic sampai nak mintak user id dan password???!!! So jangan cepat tertipu ok.

p/s : aku dapat nih pun masa search cari apa maksud witheld coz aku dpt call dari dorang, skrg baru aku tau apa dorang nih, so guys jgn tertipu key... :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Adnan Sempit - 14 Jan 2010

Mengisahkan Adnan, seorang mat rempit yang berusia lingkungan 27 tahun. Adnan atau lebih dikenali sebagai Nan Sempit di kalangan rakan-rakannya adalah seorang anak yatim piatu yang dibela serta dijaga oleh makciknya sejak kecil selepas kematian ayahnya. Namun dia berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur kerana tidak mendapat kasih sayang dan layanan yang baik dari keluarga makciknya. Di ibu kota, Adnan tinggal bersama Macha, abang saudaranya dan menjadi tempat dia meluahkan rasa hati. Dia mula hidup di Kuala Lumpur dan bekerja sebagai mat despacth di sebuah syarikat swasta dan menyimpan perasaan pada bosnya,Nadia.

Nadia dilahirkan dalam keluarga mewah dan stabil dalam kerjayanya. Nadia sering ditemani pembantu peribadinya,Wawa.Wawa adalah teman wanita kepada Bobby dan juga menjadi sahabat pada Adnan.

Nadia pernah kecewa akibat putus cinta, menyebabkan Nadia susah dan takut untuk bercinta lagi. Sehinggalah pada suatu hari, rakan-rakannya merancang untuk membuat “reunion party”. Pada mulanya Nadia kurang bersetuju, tetapi Nadia disindir enggan pergi ke reunion tersebut kerana malu tiada teman lelaki. Nadia tercabar dan kebetulan Adnan lalu di hadapan mereka dengan tidak sengaja. Nadia terus menarik Adnan dan terus memperkenalkan Adnan adalah teman lelakinya. Adnan terkelu. Sejak peristiwa itu,pelbagai cerita yang berlaku antara mereka sehinggalah pada satu hari Nadia cedera akibat diserang sekumpulan remaja dan telah diselamatkan oleh Adnan. Nadia mula menyimpan perasaaan pada Adnan. Walaubagaimanapun Nadia tidak pernah mengabaikan kerjayanya sehinggalah Nadia telah mendapat tender kontrak besar dari Datuk Harun seorang usahawan yang berjaya dan telah bertemu dengan Jofri. Jofri adalah rakan Nadia ketika di kolej mempunyai agendanya tersendiri. Jofri menyimpan hasrat dendam pada Adnan untuk memiliki Nadia dan bersubahat dengan Zack bagi membantu rancangannya memisahkan Adnan dan Nadia selain ingin mendapat tender Datuk Harun.

Namun, Nadia dan Adnan semakin mesra, Nadia berjinak-jinak dengan dunia Adnan sebagai seorang mat rempit dengan niat untuk mengenali Adnan dengan lebih mendalam. Nadia sangat teruja. sehinggalah satu kejadian berlaku di mana Zack telah cuba mengambil kesempatan pada Nadia dan Adnan menyerang sehingga menyebabkan pergaduhan besar. Nadia mula merasa tidak selesa serta memarahi Adnan dan semenjak kejadian itu Nadia mula rasa benci pada Adnan walaupun Adnan cuba memujuk. Nadia mengambil keputusan untuk memecat Adnan selain memaki dan menghina Adnan. Jofri mengambil kesempatan itu untuk menenang dan menceriakan Nadia dengan harapan Nadia jatuh ke tangannya. Namun,segalanya terbongkar apabila Adnan mengetahui Jofri dan Zack bersubahat merancang segalanya selepas Jofri mengupah Zack merompak bag laptop yang mengandungi pelbagai proposal dan dokumen penting untuk tender Datuk Harun. Nadia menyesal mengenali Jofri. Nadia cuba memandang Adnan tetapi Adnan tidak mengendahkannya dan berlalu pergi.

Apakah kesudahannya? Semuanya akan terjawab dalam “ ADNAN SEMPIT”, Pada 14 Januari 2010 di pawagam.